About GEMA

• Gema is a specialised Immigration Consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa.

• We have a collective experience of 30 years in the field.

• We have finalised over 1000 cases in the last 4 years

• Our success rate is 98%.

• We are results driven instead of client driven. Which means we selective on which cases we take on, which in turn means that if we take your case, your chance of success is 98%.

• We have adopted a principle of “no visa, no fee”; conditions apply

• Our clients are “blue chip” corporates to “average joe”.

• We have processed visas on 5 continents


How can we help you?

• GEMA assess our clients’ needs by reviewing all immigration solutions available within the context of legislation. Once a solution is identified, a case manager is appointed to collaborate with a client to compile an application.

• As part of our internal control, the application is checked by the Operations Director before it is submitted.

• After the application is submitted, we monitor the outcome. Once an outcome is received, it is validated by our team, collected and dispatched to our client.

Inbound Visas: Visas for South Africa

• Entry Visas for: Holiday/tourism, family visas, business meetings, workshops, seminars

• Specialised visitors visas for:
     • Short term work purposes or projects
     • Dependent spouses and children of holders of long term visas

• Work Visas

• Study Visas and Medical visas

• Retired and High Net worth earners

Outbound Visas: Global Visas

• New Zealand Entry Visa

• Australian Visas

• UK Entry Visas

• Indian Visas

• SADAC Visas

Thousands of Satisfied Clients

Telecommunication & IT Industry

GEMA has assisted several IT companies with offices located globally. Some of these companies have ‘bluechip” status with listings on international stock exchanges.

Oil & Gas

We are very proud of our association with this industry as it allows us to be at the cutting edge of development.


GEMA takes pride in assisting various corporate clients in this industry.

Other Industries

We have assisted companies and individuals in the following industries; medical, agricultural, mining, film, media, food, education and a host of private individuals.

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