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The South African Immigration laws have evolved and will continue to change, creating challenges for foreign business owners and their workforce, foreigners wishing to work, study, retire, operate a business or even for those wishing to enjoy South Africa as a popular tourist destination. GEMA is a progressive Immigration consultancy company, based in Cape Town and consulting in Gauteng as well. The company is owned and led by the Director, Gerard Meder. Gerard Meder & Associate’s principal vision is to provide frank and candid advice to foreign nationals as well as multi-national companies, wishing to reside in South Africa on a temporary or permanent basis.

Director Profile

Gerard Meder has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Gerard Meder & Associates. He has a diverse and comprehensive background in Public service within South Africa and abroad. His background includes both, Executive Administrative and Operational Management in Public Service domain having worked in public service for 19 years. Gerard started his career after completing a Post Graduate degree in education at the University of Western Cape. In 1996, he was appointed as an Immigration Enforcement Officer with the National Department of Home Affairs, South Africa.

From 1996 to 2000, Gerard worked both in the Immigration/Visa enforcement environment and the Visa adjudication environment. He progressed to Administrative Officer, responsible for a particular jurisdiction. From 2000 to 2006, Gerard was deployed by the National Department of Home Affairs to its representative office at the South African High Commission: London. His primary responsibility was to oversee the Visa Front Office and Back Office adjudication centre of the High Commission. In June 2006, the Director-General of the National Department of Home Affairs offered Gerard a promotional deployment to the Middle East Office of Dubai. Gerard was deployed as the Office Manager, for Visa and Civic Service Directorate of the Consulate General in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After returning to South Africa, Gerard was tasked with managing the Cape Town Permitting office. He led a team of 22 officials, ensuring successful Back Office operations within the region. His career as an entrepreneur and businessman was launched in 2015. He subsequently leads a team of 10 people, managing blue-chip clients of corporations and individuals alike.

We are a B-BBEE Level 1 Company.

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