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Temporary Visas

We assist with all types of temporary visas. Temporary visas allow foreign nationals to reside in South Africa for up to 3 years at a time.

Common types of Temporary visas:
• Entry Visas for Holiday/tourism, family visas, business meetings, workshops, seminars

• Specialised visitors visas for:
     • Short term work purposes or projects
     • Dependent spouses and children of holders of long term visas

• Work visas

• Study visas and medical visas

• Retired and high net worth earners

Permanent Residency

A permanent residence permit is equivalent to the US “green card” or the UK “indefinite leave to remain”. It essentially allows foreign nationals to remain permanently in South Africa whilst still allowing them the right to retain their rights to their citizenship.


There are three ways in which one can acquire South African Citizenship by birth. We can assist you to bridge the gap between Residence and Citizenship.

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